Facebook Search Engine is Best Alternative to Save from GOOGLE Penalty & Update

I am writing this post after much analyzing the updates from Google. The 3 algorithms that rules the cyber world are: Google Panda Update, Google Penguin Update & Google Exact-Match-Domain (EMD) Updates. The question is: Is it good to devour the small & midsized online business sites and allow big players like webmd.com, youtube.com & amazon.com to rank high and be top in the race?

Google EMD Update
Google EMD Update

Few Questions to people from SEOs & Internet Marketing Industry 

1) Do you think that these all these foolish Google updates are there to make the web clean & better?
2) Do you think that Google is helping the visitors to get the search results in Google SERPs?
3) Do you think that Google is now ‘trust-worthy’ as he was in past?

Head of Google search quality team, Matt Cutts once tweeted on a notice named as ‘whether report bla bla %search queries are effected from this algo effect’.

Google says that he wants to help the visitors by making SERPs more useful for visitors and for the best search results to come in top. First he said that Google panda approves "unique and original content". It is the key for ranking and we penalized the sites having duplicate & low quality & poor content pages.

The interesting thing is that all the top sites of web has been dropped of traffic but Google owned product YOUTUBE showed very good increased in traffic.

Que from Google - Has Google told in his webmaster guidelines that these are the parameters of Quality Content, or ‘you can check quality of content by following these guidelines or tools?’

In the next Google animals update, named as "Penguin" (another white & black color animal with very slow speed) hits the websites tagging them as spammy & unnatural link building with over optimization of site on same anchor text .

Google says that you can't do link building on same anchor text on many sites. Linking sites should have relevancy. Inbound links to your site must coming from your niche with authority sites. Sites using black hat SEO techniques are badly hit in this update or we can say, it’s a quite a bigger update than Google Panda.

Now Google Exact-match-domain (EMD) algo effect almost wiped out the sites from top search results. Sites which are ranking #1 or as #2 are now out of the rank or they are dropped the ranking on their exact domain keyword 5-6 pages.

Now what is the problem with Google if we are making a website on "best sweet shop" and giving quality content to visitors and links that are on related niche sites with no over SEO optimization, only white hat SEO techniques are used. If our site is giving help to the user to find the best search result on their query, so what and where is the problem for Google?

If I don't book a domain on www.bestsweetshop.com or www.bestshoeshop.com so how can I run my business in my particular niche?

Google wants quality content, quality links quality websites if we are giving everything now this crazy Google Exact-match-domain (EMD) update.

I can't see the future of Internet marketing in long run but I can see the profitable Google balance sheets in future. He wants to make his own products such as Google alert, Google buzz, Google trends, Google insights search popular; and last but not the least his #1 project on which he is working from years is GOOGLE PLUS.

After Google panda & Google penguin update, Google revenue increased from Google adwords. It is a pure planned game by Google to lower the motivation level of SEOs whose lives are dependant on organic ranking.

I wanna to say that we should leave the Google Search Engine and find other sources of traffic like Facebook advertising,twitter , Linkedin , Pinterest and use of social media. Use of Email-Marketing more and more may help find the more referral sources for website. Google has monopoly on web so he can change the course and degrade other sites.

I am eagerly waiting for Search Engine from Facebook. Come on Mark! Give it to us!

Image Credit - seroundtable.com