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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why Shri Krishan Janamshtami Date is different in India ?

Happy Lord Krishna Janmashtami
Happy Lord Krishna Janmashtami

First of all Jai Shri Krishna to all lord madhav ji devotees. In North India Krishna Janmashtami date is 10th August and in South India it is 9th August. Yes, there is difference in dates of shri Krishna janamshtami in India. We celebrates Shri Krishna Janamshtami in India on different dates why  ? There is strong reason behind this. India is a country of festival and believes. 

Lord Krishna’s real birth date is according to ancient Indian Puranas Lord Krishna ji was born in Shravan maas(bhadrapada month) krishna paksh ashtami tithi in rohini nakshatra.  Lord Krishna was born in Mathura more than 5 thousand years ago in Dwapar yug. Shri Krishna was the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu after bhagwan shri ram.

Do you know like Lord Krishna birth dates there is difference in his devotees also. Lord Krishna devotees comes from two major groups in India one is Vaishanava Sampradaya and other is Smarta Sampradaya. In north India there is a majority of  Vaishanava Sampradaya having most people from ISKCON ( International Society for Krishna Consciousness) . People from ISKCON follows this date on Lunar calculations in north india and according to Lunar calculations Krishna Janmashtami come son 10th August. Devotees from Vaishanava Sampradaya says Janmashtami  to this festival while people from Smarta Sampradaya says this is a Gokulashtmi.

And In South India calendar based on Solar calculations & Smarta Sampradaya also follows this solar calculations calendar.  According to Solar calculation calendar Lord Krishna birthday come son 9th August. This is the reason that Krishna Janmashtami happened on two dates

Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2012 Dates in India
  •          Sri Krishna Janmashtami in North India is on August 10.
  •         Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra   - August 9