Amazing & Interesting Facts About Incredible India on You Should be Proud

  1. India is #1 in Milk Production in the World
  2. India has 27% Gold Share in the Wordl Market
  3. India has 18,000 Tons of Gold
  4. India is #1 in Coal Production
  5. India is #1 in Whisky Production
  6. India is #1 Outsourcing Nation in the World
  7. 36% Scientists in NASA are Indians
  8. 38% Doctors in America are Indians
  9. 34% Microsoft employess are Indians
  10. India is Secular Country which having more than 81% Hindu population
  11. Land of World's oldest langauge "SANSKRIT"
  12. More than 56000 Newspapers published & magazines in 21 different lanaguages with more than 121 million readership
  13. Third Largest Army in the World
  14. 138 Millions Muslim population in a Hindu majority country & India is one of the largest muslim countries in the world
  15. The Most populor Holiday Destination in World
  16. India is the only country in World who never invaded any country in his 10,000 years of history
  17. Second Largest English Speaking in world is India
  18. 18 In XEROX 13% employees are Indian
  19. In IBM 28% employees are Indians
  20. After China, India is the second largest Pharmaceutical industry in the world in terms of production of volume of PILLS.

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