Excited for SEO Rockstar Contest Launched in Gravity Informatics

Last day on 18th June in Gravity Informatics pvt ltd we launched a exciting contest named as a “SEO ROCKSTAR”.  Basically this is a blogging contest  & like any contest we also have some Terms & Conditions which can’t be disclosed here because its confidential. In this blogging contest our SEO guys make new blogs  and promote in Google & all search engines via different SEO techniques  & Social Media both. This is 40 days blogging contest starts from 21st June and finish date is 30th july 2012.  

SEO Rockstar Blogging Contest
Image courtesy - .seo-rockstar.com

 In this contest  who will maximum Google Organic traffic & majority from USA  on their blogs will be the winner. This contest is not so easy because I know my SEO team members will face many challenges like :

1)       How to compete a fresh new blog with existing  authority & well established sites who have large online        web presence.  

2)      How they can find the topics for article writing which is be informative, educational & entertaining as well.

3)      Content creation and publishing of articles on time. 

4)      Creating the authority of their blogs.

5)      How to get Google organic traffic for blog from United States because this is also main criteria to win this contest.

6)      How to engage your audience for blog to read the content.

7)      How they research  latest & useful resources for blog promotion because outdated seo techniques can’t work to win this SEO Rockstar contest. 

      Analytics part is very important because constant traffic & traffic from Google Orgnics traffic which targets United States  

9)  There are some terms & conditions also on How to choose best blogging platform to win this blogging contest  because few blogging platforms are excluded from this blogging contest. Interesting part comes here that which blogging platform they choose & why.

10)   Wait!! Wait!! Wait!! Don’t forget links quality & recent Google Penguin update on quality link building. This is the most interesting part how our SEO guys create link building for new blogs.

11)    But the first & last condition to win this blogging contest is NO SPAM Policy.

Now I come on prize money of this SEO Rockstar blogging contest
Winner – Rs 10000/ in INR
1st Runner up – Rs 5000/ in INR
2nd Runner up – Rs 2000/  in INR

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