Enjoyed in Amit Nag’s Birthday Party with Gravity Informatics Friends

First of all I wanna to say thanks to Amit Nag for his best birthday party & Gravity Informatics guys too. We all enjoyed Amit’s birthday in LAS VEGAS (a famous BAR/Restaurant cum party palace) situated in heart of Ludhiana near by Rose Garden.  

Happy Birthday to Amit Nag
Birthday Card for Mr. Amit

We decided Birthday Party at last moment and we all are very excited to enjoy because from the last few days we all need some thing like small get together after office hours.  The most good point that everybody in the party participated to make cheerful  the environment.  First we started the party evening  with drinks & snacks. As usual everybody don’t like to take drinks so there two groups was in party one was Drinkers & Non- Drinkers & this is the main interesting part of the evening.

We all trying to proved the who is the best Drinkers or Non-Drinkers. This debate was very good and help us to make the timepass. After then someone have to take the lead the party’s attraction so now our Sumeet Sir comes in light, his style & Ghalib’s Shero Shayari was the STAR Performance of the first half of the party. We made jokes on each other and nobody escaped to make fun.  Everybody was targeted by each other to make fun & especially Mayank Agarwal nobody missed the chance to pull the leg of him. Side by side all are taking snacks & drinks point to be noted that I was in the NON-Drinkers side J.  We sat late at night so after snacks we had dinner there & food was tasty.

We are in the finishing part of the the dinner at that time Las Vegas manager came to us & said that If you want dance we have DJ system also in separate basement party palace. You can’t imagine he finished the words and everybody stood up and said that where is the DJ we all are agree for Dance.  

In Second half of party we all at the top level of excitement & happiness and don’t want to loose the opportunity to dance with company members. We booked the DJ Place for few hours and the most special chapter of Amit Nag’s Birthday comes here. Every body danced a lot in full mood & different styles.  Specially NAAGIN Dance by Mayank Agarwal is really enjoyable to watch.  We all danced for near about 1.30 hours but this time was really suberb & lifetime experience not for me even for everybody who attended this Amit’s Birtday’s bash. I also wanna to say special thanks for very good sporting spirit of our top officials Hiren Sir & Sunil sir who helped us & eased everybody to make full enjoy this wonderful evening.   There are lots of words to say for this birthday party but I am signing off right now and will come with next update.